bridge demolition

We have extensive experience in bridge demolition

Since inception, the Andy Bolton Demolition now has demolished over 30 bridges of all shape and size including:

Road Bridges- A Road and Motorway, River Bridges, Rail over Road Bridges, Road over Rail Bridges, Viaducts, Swing Bridges and Footbridges

In tackling these structures, we have experienced:

  • Brick Arches-both single and multi-arch
  • Steel deck with Brick Jack Arches
  • Steel Frame with Concrete deck-both pre-cast and insitu
  • Concrete Deck and Supports
  • Mild Steel & High Tensile
  • Pre-stressed Units
  • Post Tensioned Units
  • Use of Explosives
  • Sequential Collapse
  • Two Stage Demolition (7 Days apart)
  • Partial Demolition
  • Christmas Blockade/Possessio
  • Overnight Rules of the Route Possession
  • Full and Partial Road Closures with Traffic Management

Bridge Demolition Contractor

Bridge demolition consultancy

Network Rail (in its previous incarnations) has engaged our services on particularly sensitive projects such as the clean up operation after the disaster at St John`s Wood in London when a brick multi arch bridge collapsed prematurely during demolition, causing fatalities.

Our team attended site, made the structure safe and removed all the resultant rubble before returning the site to a safe condition to the client.

On another occasion, we had to attend site and clean up after a concrete building collapsed on two workers, following vibration from a passing train.

Latterly, Andy Bolton Demolition have been employed on a consultancy basis to vet and approve proposed method statements for the demolition of  various projects including, two bridges on the A40 Western Avenue Project in West London as well as other projects at planning and budget stages.

Andy Bolton Demolition Northwest
Remote demolition contractors


Restricted access is also often a problem and as can be seen from the photograph, the Brokk 180 was just the tool to demolish this particular bridge that had been “covered” by the new replacement structure 

Andy Bolton Bridge Demolition


Since inception, the Andy Bolton Demolition now has demolished over 20 bridges of all shape and size including, Road Bridges- A Road and Motorway, River Bridges, Rail over Road Bridges, Road over Rail Bridges, Viaducts, 

Andy Bolton Asbestos Management


As a leading Asbestos Removal Contractor based in the Manchester, we have experience of carrying out asbestos removal services since 1993, as a result of the never ending discovery of the hazardous material in the course of our 

Facade retention


As a modern and professional Manchester demolition contractor, we have developed our capabilities to provide Facade Retention and Temporary Propping services within any Demolition Contract package. Working closely with our structural 

Gasholder demolition contractors


Some of our employees remember demolishing our first gasholder in the late 1990s. Since that date, our staff have demolished over 25 throughout England and Wales, giving the company an enviable and probably 

Commercial demolition


Within the Manchester demolition company, we have over 35 years of experience in the demolition of industrial and commercial buildings and structures. We therefore have market leading industry best practice and an unrivalled 

Chemical waste removal Contractors


Manchester Demolition can provide you with a safe, legal and dependable way to discard of hazardous materials. With over a decade of experience in waste management and our strict adherence to the Hazardous Waste 

Crushing and screening contractors


Andy Bolton Demolition provide a complete range of hard and soft rock crushing solutions. With a large modern fleet of heavy machinery alongside crushers and screeners and highly experienced personnel

Dismantling and demolition contractors


A combination of dismantling and demolition is often beneficial as it permits the recovery of assets, enabling these to be recycled, re-used or sold to offset the client’s costs. 

Northwest demolition


Whether you are looking for a main demolition contractor, or simply machinery hire or consultancy, we are ready and waiting to ensure your demolition project is a complete success.

Railway and bridge demolition Contractor


Our railway demolition experience started in 1993, when some of the more experienced in our team demolished our first road over Rail Bridge on the Liverpool St Station to Norwich line as part of the 

High Rise demolition Contractors


Our team has been involved with the demolition of many High Rise Structures throughout the United Kingdom. The range of structures has also been extensive, such as:

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