About our environmental consultancy services

Andy Bolton Environmental Consultancy provides professional overload support services to the environmental consulting sector in the UK and also provides environmental services directly to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

We design and fully implement environmental management systems to certification and beyond and specialise in due diligence, compliance assurance and certification auditing.

Our experience covers principally general manufacturing and service sectors particularly waste management in the UK.

Projects are conducted in all parts of the United Kingdom and experience has been gained in the past eleven years in about 10 countries worldwide including Ireland.

Environmental Consultants
Environmental audit

Environmental audit and compliance assurance

Audit and assessment services provided by Andy Bolton Environmental Consultancy include:

  • Phase I Due Diligence environmental assessments of sites for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures generally following the ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process standard practice E1527-05
  • Environmental, Health & Safety compliance assurance audits for multinational manufacturing organisations following well established protocols, making use of proprietary auditing tools. The role is commonly to be part of a corporately led EHS team
  • Development and implementation of Best Value performance assessment methodologies for local government waste management teams. Examples include Landfill Performance Audits and a series of Waste Recycling Centre Performance Audits. The WRC audits have been developed by Eco Systems into Off-Line Audit Tools. An Oracle database-supported On-Line Audit Tool version also exists

Environmental site investigation and risk assessment

Andy Bolton Environmental Consultancy has extensive recent experience in the design, implementation and reporting of Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and site investigations.

Experience has been gained in the use of a wide range of shallow drilling equipment and in the use of field sampling and monitoring instruments. Site investigation and risk assessment services include:

  • Development of site investigation Sampling and Analysis Plans and Environment, Health & Safety Plans
  • Design and field management of Phase II investigations on the nature and extent of contamination at sites using approaches which conform to BS10175: 2001 or the ASTM ESA Process E1903-97 (2002)
  • The application of Tier 1 generic risk-based screening process to organise available site information on principal contaminants, affected media and potential migration pathways and receptors and where necessary the commissioning of Tier 2 evaluations to develop site-specific remediation goals
Environmental Investigation
Environmental Consultants

Environmental management system (EMS)

Environmental Management System services provided by Andy Bolton Environmental Consultants include:

  • Design and implementation of environmental reviews and the identification of:
    – environmental aspects of an organizations activities
    – applicable regulatory and best practice requirements and
    – existing environmental management practices and systems
  • Provision of expert environmental support for the development of organizations’ environmental policies, objectives & targets and action plans to conform with the requirements of EN ISO 14001: 2004
  • Design, implementation and certification of Environmental Management Systems either independently as an IRCA registered EMS Principal Auditor or as a sub-contract lead auditor with DNV Certification Services
  • Design and implementation of Environmental Management Systems for tourist destinations using the Green Globe 21 benchmarking and certification programme for the Travel and Tourism sector

Expert support and training

Andy Bolton Environmental Consultancy has provided expert witness support at planning inquiries and in technical environmental aspects of legal disputes and insurance claims.

The Company has considerable practical experience of the design and implementation of environmental awareness programmes in industry in the UK.

The Company has been in the team delivering a two-year Environmental Site Assessment capacity building programme to environmental professionals in post-war Iraq.

The Company also provided support up to the beginning of 2010 in the evaluation of applicable remediation technologies to the clean-up of oil-contaminated soil and sediment in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta in Nigeria on behalf of UNEP. Examples include the provision of technical support to:

  • one of the former joint venture partners in a de-merger dispute concerning environmental contamination at two large chemical plants in the UK
  • the general liability insurer in a claim related to dioxin contamination allegedly associated with the Coalite Chemicals plant in the UK 
  • the landowner in challenging the dig and dump clean-up philosophy and valuation applied by the local authority to a large tract of prime inner city brownfield land
  • the appellants in waste related public planning inquiries in Berkshire, the Isle of Man and the Isles of Scilly
Environmental Management
Environmental Policy

Regulatory and contractual services

Andy Bolton Environmental Consultants  has experience in acquiring permits, authorisations and licences for clients representing industry and the waste management sectors in the UK.

The Company has prepared detailed regulatory citations for the UK and Ireland for each of the 250 questions that make up the Regulatory EH&S Compliance Audit Tool of a global multinational manufacturing organization.

The Company has prepared detailed contractual Terms of Reference for the construction and closure of hazardous waste landfills for the environment ministries in Latvia and Malta.

Regulatory services provided by Andy Bolton Consultancy Environmental include:

  • Preparation and submission of applications and exemptions for environmental permits
  • Preparation of Site Management Systems, Working Plans and their updates for the operation of waste management facilities including landfills and waste treatment stations 
  • Conducting Best Practicable Environmental Option studies and the establishment of Best Available Techniques for integrated waste facilities including Energy from Waste to plants 
  • Preparation of technical Terms of Reference related to the design, construction and decommissioning of waste management facilities for inclusion in bid documentation

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