Company Values

We do not compromise when it comes to Health & Safety. Our aim is to be the recognised leader in Health & Safety in our sector.

Through a range of communications programmes and targeted training initiatives we are working hard to achieve our Target Zero goal: zero accidents and zero ill health caused by work.

Through our Health Like Safety programme, we are committed to promoting healthier lifestyles for all and helping our people to manage their own health effectively.

At the Andy Bolton Group, health is just as important as safety.

Andy Bolton zero harm

“Don’t Walk By” programme

We actively encourage everyone to play their part in ensuring that we’re among the safest companies in our industry sectors. Our “Don’t Walk By” programme enables everyone – not just the Andy Bolton Group people, but customers, sub-contractors and suppliers, too – to identify and challenge unsafe acts and conditions, and to suggest improvements.

The Don’t Walk By programme has proven successful not only in raising important issues but also in creating a Health & Safety culture of openness and awareness, where people working at all levels of the business have the confidence to speak out and get involved in ensuring that issues are effectively resolved.

Taking road safety seriously

While the risk of a road accident can never be totally removed, by taking road safety seriously, the possibility can be significantly reduced.

In 2019 we launched our ‘ONE Road to Safety’ campaign – which aims to keep our people safer on the road – through driver training along with education and awareness programmes.

Road safety
Environmental Management System

Managing Health & Safety

We have well-established policies and systems in place to manage Health & Safety, including applying 14 leading and lagging indicators within rigorous risk frameworks to monitor and improve performance.

All contracts are regularly assessed for Health & Safety risks and senior managers conduct site tours where they proactively review and discuss Health & Safety issues with people at all levels.

We operate a popular telephone-based reporting system for all health, safety and environmental accidents and incidents – known as AIRline.

Our management systems are supported by a Group-wide policy aimed at Behaving Safely, implemented through awareness-raising campaigns and formal training.

Our Culture


We do not compromise when it comes to Health & Safety. Our aim is to be the recognised leader in Health & Safety in our sector. Through a range of communications programmes and targeted training initiatives 

Our Values Andy Bolton Group


Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to the Andy Bolton Group. We take corporate responsibility seriously as an employer and supplier. Andy Bolton is committed to maintaining the highest 


We have lots of experience in successfully transferring people into our company and creating open and productive working environments. We pay particular attention to ensuring that people feel valued.

Andy Bolton Group Commitments


The Andy Bolton Group are an ethical employer ensuring that profits are retained within the business to ensure long term stability of the business and for the ongoing reinvestment into the individuals, their training.

Our Ethos Andy Bolton Group


The Andy Bolton Group have a long term view in protecting the stability and the development of the business, as we feel an obligation exists from us to all in what make contact with in our working day.

Our Strategy


The Andy Bolton Group’s strategy is derived from our mission to make tomorrow a better place and our vision to be the leader in delivering integrated solutions for infrastructure, buildings and services.

Community projects Andy Bolton Group


We believe that contributing to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities where we live and work is not only our responsibility, but our obligation. Community relationships are an integral part of our business

Andy Bolton Group Innovation


Technology has the potential to transform the way we work and we have long embraced new technology as a route towards becoming a safer, more efficient and better organisation. An example of this is machine control.



The Andy Bolton Group values are present throughout the Group and they reflect our commitment to sustainability. After over 10 years in business we have seen a lot of changes which is why we recognise that a focus on sustainability is more important than ever:


Although our roots are in demolition, today we provide all the services needed to create and manage places which play a vital part in national economies and local communities. We have established an impeccable proven track record in innovative designs, effective 


The integrated business model enables the group to use multiple core service offerings. These can be  used individually or in a combination they can create unique solutions for customers, designed to meet their specific requirements and budgets.

Careers with us


Thanks to our ever expanding size, and the diversity of our entire operations, the Andy Bolton can offer you a wide range of opportunities to use your talents, to develop your skills, to learn, to grow and to experience new places.

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Working today…for better a tomorrow.

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