We're leading remediation contractors, we design and develop complex soil contamination issues that that alleviate environmental and stress for our clients, throughout Manchester, Wigan, Bury, Liverpool, Cheshire, Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Our clients are developers, consultants and contractors who drive their projects to achieve the highest standards.

We fully support our client’s aspirations with a turnkey approach to land reclamation. At the Andy Bolton Group. we partner each stage of the process from investigation, through design, implementation and verification of remediation. 

As leading Remediation Contractors we have the technical capability to interrogate data and present technical options with commercially attractive offers that give our clients confidence to commence development.

We will appraise site investigation and risk assessment reports and provide a comprehensive approach to remediation design. Our remediation strategies state the necessary detail to combine the optimum environmental and geotechnical solutions for each site, to enable demolition to proceed in parallel to remediation, or to combine what may need to be a long term groundwater remediation and monitoring with construction to reduce the overall programme for our client.

Contaminated land contractor

Remediation Specialists

Decommissioning contractors-Andy Bolton Group

Fixed price decommissioning and remediation

As respectable Remediation Contractors we will offer fixed price decommissioning and remediation that is complete with verification report to discharge planning conditions. Equally, we would be pleased to provide our best price to implement a specified scope of work.

From the outset, we will consider how the primary objectives managing environmental liabilities and discharging planning conditions are to be achieved. At the Andy Bolton Group, we can undertake supplementary soil and groundwater investigations to close out data gaps in reports and design remediation strategies.

We will ensure that our reports meet regulatory requirements and discharge planning conditions in order for a scheme to progress. We will prepare Deployment Plana where permits are required, and prepare Material Management Plans to coordinate the demolition and earthworks with soil and groundwater remediation.

Our clients have confidence in us and we will ensure that our final Verification Report discharges the relevant planning condition to enable construction to commence.

Land Remediation Services

Construction Site Clearance and Bulk Earthworks
Using our fleet of heavy excavators and dozers (up to 50 tons), our trained operatives can excavate in bulk, remove / condition the spoil and lay and compact fresh ground. We can even stabilise the ground ready for piling or footings.

Land Remediation
We deliver remediation schemes through site appraisal, design, pilot trials and regulatory agreement. Our site-based teams and in-house plant resources ensure safe and efficient site works delivery.

We regularly combine on-site remediation and off-site soil treatment with demolition, site clearance and earthworks.

We provide a full range of site based treatments throughout Manchester, Bolton, Wigan, Cheshire, Liverpool and Birmingham, including chemical, biological, physical and thermal treatment technologies. We have experience across a wide range of sectors and can offer pre contract consultations to minimise costs and exposure to risk.

Land Remediation -Andy Bolton Group
Northwest Demolition


Whether you are looking for a main demolition contractor, or simply machinery hire or consultancy, we are ready and waiting to ensure your demolition project is a complete success.

Construction Company Northwest


We take a whole-life-cycle approach to building construction. This means we can finance, design and construct buildings – and maintain them over their lifetime. It’s a fully integrated service that gives our clients the best overall value.



Attenuation is the temporary storage of surface water in a suitable chamber below ground level. The chamber needs to be of sufficient size to accommodate the calculated run-off during peak periods of rainfall. Permeable geo textile membranes

Remediation Contractors


Remediation works on brownfield sites depend on both the type and level of contamination, how long it’s been there and the general condition of the site. Andy Bolton offer various survey options which will give you a better understanding of any issues on the site.

Civil Engineering Contractors


We’re committed to delivering high quality solutions often to very demanding programmes. We have developed an extensive portfolio of civil engineering projects for both public and private sector clients.

Groundworks Contractors


We work with clients across a number of industries including well-known respected house builders & local councils allowing us to work on anything from small housing sites to multi-million pound industrial facilities.

Roads and sewers Contractors


We consider Roads and Sewer Construction to be the backbone of our business. All Andy Bolton Group operatives and management hold extensive approved certification for the Road and Street Works Act (RASWA) 


We specialise in the setting out of structural steel for the country’s leading fabricators and pile setting out for foundation contractors, we can supply consumables such as pins and caps on request.

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